Raise your hand if your car is your pride and joy! We know our hands our raise. We also know that you love your vehicle and want to keep it protected and looking its best at all times – and with paint protection films, you can do just that. Paint Protection Films, or PPF, have become increasingly popular over the past few years and widely popular within the automotive industry. The films act as a barrier between your car’s paint and outside forces such as debris, UV exposure, chips from bug splatter and more. PPF can be applied to vehicles of all ages and can also be removed if you are selling, trading or leasing. When done correctly, PPF can not only protect your vehicle but enhance it, making it look better than ever.

How does Paint Protection Film work?

PPF is a coating between your car and the world around it – it takes the hit, so your paint doesn’t have to. Just think about all of the little knicks, bugs and weather that affect your car. These outside factors not only affect the appearance of the car, but the more it happens, it can deeply damage the car, permanently changing the texture and quality of your vehicle. At Nice Tintz, our Paint Protection Film is completely custom and made to fit your specific vehicle. Plus, we only cover what you need. So if you are just wanting to protect your grill, hood, or headlights, we can do that!

But wait, does it ACTUALLY work?

Yes! We totally get the apprehension when it comes to investing in your vehicles. But, we can guarantee that Paint Protection Film does exactly what it states – it protects! PPF is a great temporary option, that if done correctly, lasts years. Our customers constantly choose this option because of its versatility and promised outcomes.

Is PPF right for your vehicle?

If you love your vehicle and want to provide an extra layer of protection, without breaking the bank, this is for you! While it may not be as thick as some of the other options like ceramic coating, it is still a great choice for some of the smaller, everyday hits to your vehicle. Just remember, when it comes to anything, you get what you pay for. At Nice Tintz, we provide our customers with professional, attentive service and take pride in each project we take on. Our team has years of industry experience with Paint Protection Film and the skills needed to ensure the highest quality outcome. If you are located in the Memphis, Tennessee area, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions, or to get started today. We can’t wait to get your car protected and ready to take on the road!