Have you ever driven down the streets of Memphis and seen an advertisement on wheels? Chances are, this vehicle was professionally wrapped. A commercial wrap is extremely beneficial for any business, of any size, looking for a new way to showcase their unique brand, without putting in a ton of extra effort. In fact, vehicle wrapping is one of the most cost efficient ways to add that graphic or change the color and texture of a car – here’s why.

What is a commercial car wrap?

Commercial vehicle wrapping is a great way to advertise your business and make your brand stand out while doing everyday tasks. By placing a vinyl wrap on your vehicle, you are automatically attracting new customers – most being ones that may have never heard of your business otherwise. With commercial car wrapping, you can choose a full wrap, where every inch of the vehicle will be vibrantly wrapped with a design of your choice. Or, you may choose a partial wrap. In that case, we can place your logo, number, business name and anything else you can think of, on any part of the vehicle. It’s basically a mobile billboard – without breaking the bank.

Commercial wraps are for businesses of all sizes

If you want to advertise it, you can wrap it! Vehicle wraps are not just for large businesses with large vehicles. In fact, at Nice Tintz, we have wrapped cars of all sizes for all different types of companies. The big question is whether or not you are ready to reach a whole new audience. Taking advantage of this relatively new type of advertising can introduce your business to customers in your area, as well as customers across the country. Whether you are parked at the grocery store, traveling cross country or sitting at the airport, people will look and people will be interested in what you bring to the table. Just think of it this way – you could spend hours on the computer and thousands on digital ads (which yes, can be effective), but they don’t always reach the right audience. Or, you could make a small investment up front, with no work at all on your end, and reach everyone, of all ages, and all locations. That sounds pretty great to us!

So to answer your question, commercial wraps are absolutely right for your business and can completely change your advertising game. At Nice Tintz, we pride ourselves in providing our customers with great, informative service and high quality vehicle wrapping, with lasting results. If you are still hesitant on whether or not a commercial wrap is right for you, please feel free to reach out! One of our team members would be happy to sit down and discuss the pros and cons for your specific needs. We look forward to working with you and your vehicle!