Calling all Memphis business owners: it’s time for your company to shine. The future of advertising is here and if you haven’t heard – vehicle wrapping is all the craze! Yes, social media is great and can reach a new audience, and having a website is another great informative option, but what if you could reach an audience in a completely new way? What if you could advertise whenever you are on the road, hitting the town, or parked at the grocery store? With Nice Tintz vehicle wraps, you can do all that, plus more!

What is vehicle wrapping?

Yes, it’s exactly what you’re thinking. Vehicle wrapping is the process of taking a large graphic or vinyl and applying it directly to your vehicle. You can completely change the look of your car in just a few steps – and if done professionally, you can return back to its original condition whenever you need to. Vehicle wrapping is safe for your car, without damaging the paint underneath and is more cost effective than some of the other options out there. It allows you to showcase your creativity and has some really cool outcomes!

How your car could be a driving billboard, literally!

Okay, let’s talk business. Are you a business owner? Whether it’s an eye catching customer printed wrap, a full color change wrap or just some accents, we literally have you covered. Just picture it: you’re driving around the streets of Memphis, or even across the state of Tennessee. You just got a fresh, new wrap with your company’s logo on it, plus all the fun colors, and you notice a few head turns, finger pointing and phones raised. Guess what? You just caught the attention of a potential new customer. The best part about it is, you were doing nothing but going about your day, driving your car! There was no pitching, confusing conversation or any extra money being spent on ads. All it took was a little creativity, and the help from your friends at Nice Tintz.

Why Nice Tintz is your new go-to

Nice Tintz is a team of highly trained and skilled professionals who truly care about every job they tackle. We have designers on board who can bring any idea to life and can print everything right here, in house. Whether you are wanting to place your logo on your doors, your phone number and social handles on the back or rep your brand colors all over, the options are endless and the sky is the limit! Ready to flash your business out on the most iconic streets of Memphis? Nice Tintz is here and ready to get wrapping! Feel free to give us a call or reach out to transform your vehicle into a driving advertisement today!