Paint protection films, or PPF, are one of the best ways of protecting the paint on your car by forming a shield over the surface, basically taking the blow from outside forces such as debris, bugs, weather, etc. 

What is PPF and how does it work?

Paint protection film is a thin layer of thermoplastic urethane placed over the vehicle’s body to protect the surface from unwanted debris, weather and forces. PPF has been around for many years and has later on become referred to as the “clear bra”. Today, paint protection films are thin and made to be almost unrecognizable to the naked eye. Once installed and placed over your vehicle’s surface, PPF’s do exactly what they say they will – protect. They act as a barrier and take on the scratches, dust and damages caused by flying debris. Paint protection films also serve other purposes and have notable benefits worth discussing. Keep reading!

Benefits of paint protection film

Prevents damage

As we previously mentioned, PPF acts as a barrier and takes on the inevitable scratches caused by flying debris and rocks. However, the film itself is not super easy to damage, either. It is actually resistant to impact and corrosion and does a pretty good job at holding up and looking pristine during its lifetime. 

Prevents fading

Paint protection film is also a protector against sun damage from the harsh UV rays. Again, this happens because the film acts as that barrier between the cars paint and the UV. Too much exposure to the sun can oxidize the paint, leading it to fade more quickly. That is another big reason as to why we encourage car owners to invest in PPF pretty early on.

PPF can also work as a barrier between your car and bugs, water spots, acid rain and so much more! 

What we use at NiceTintz

At NiceTintz, we use only the best PPF on the market! Our customers can choose from SunTek Ultra or Stek Fashion Films – both of which are excellent options and stay looking fresh and clean for many years down the road. If you are unsure on which is best for your vehicle, don’t worry! We’d love to sit down and discuss all of our options and help guide you into making the best choice for your needs. 

We are thrilled that you are taking the first steps into protecting your car and showing it the care that it needs to look in tip-top shape, at all times. At NiceTintz, we have over 25 years of experience, allowing us to deliver flawless results for your vehicle, every single time. If you are located in Memphis or its surrounding areas, reach out – we can’t wait to meet you and get started!