Are you constantly getting bored with the way your car looks? Or maybe your vehicle is looking dull and needs a little bit of a refresh? There could be many reasons behind wanting to change the exterior of your vehicle – and if you are thinking ahead, you probably want to ensure that whatever you do, you don’t lower the value of your car. Here’s some insight on how investing in a vinyl wrap could continue to benefit you in the future. 

What is a vehicle wrap? 

A vinyl wrap is custom fit decals to place over parts, or the complete body of your car. When applied professionally, it can transform the way your vehicle looks, making it a brand new car with little effort on your end. The process is fairly simple. After the design or color is approved, each piece is carefully applied then followed by a heat treatment to activate the adhesive and seal the bond. What’s great about this, is the paint of your car is unaffected, and when the vinyl is removed, you can revert back to the original color. 

Cost of a vinyl wrap

A professional vinyl wrap can run between $2,000 to $5,000. Yes, it is a bigger investment upfront. However, there are a ton of great benefits when choosing to go this route, such as: 

  • Less maintenance and easier to maintain without waxing
  • Easy to get creative and customize
  • Flexibility 
  • Can be removed at the time of trade-in or sell – without causing damage to the paint
  • Process is quick and takes less time to apply

What is a paint job? 

The more traditional process, a paint job, is done to either restore the original paint or to change the overall color of the auto body. The process is lengthy but once completed, your vehicle can look like it did the day you made the purchase. Paint jobs are great at preserving and maintaining the original appearance of a car. 

Cost of a paint job

Paint jobs can run anywhere from $500 to $5,000 – all completely depending on the quality of the professional. You have to be careful when finding the right company to paint your vehicle, but when done correctly, the outcome can be gorgeous. Here are a few notable factors that go into a paint job: 

  • Require more prep time and multiple coats of paint
  • Low-quality jobs will last a few years, but high-quality jobs can last a lifetime
  • Requires regular maintenance and waxing
  • Paint is permanent, and is a long-term commitment 

Vinyl wrap vs. paint: which one increases the value of your car?

When wrapping a car, the resale value is automatically greater than when a car is repainted. As we mentioned, this is due to the fact that the wrap can be removed without damaging the car. The original paint is preserved and will look brand new to the next owner. With a new paint job, the resale value will most likely go down because most buyers are more hesitant to purchase a vehicle with an untraditional color. That is a big thing to think about when deciding between the two – and we may be biased, but a vinyl wrap is going to almost always make you, or save you, money in the future. 

If you take away anything from this article, make it the fact that the value of your car, whether it is wrapped or painted, completely depends on the value of the company and professional completing the task. At NiceTintz, we have over 25 years of industry experience, and our team is highly skilled and trained in vehicle wrapping. If you are interested in investing in a vinyl wrap or have more questions, please reach out – we’d love to chat!