Whether you have already invested in a car wrap, or are planning to deck out your car in the future, the first thing you should know is, yes – you can absolutely wash a wrapped vehicle. However, there are a few precautions to take to ensure that your vinyl stays in tip-top condition after every clean.

What is a car wrap made of?

Car wraps are vinyl with adhesive backing – a strong adhesive, at that. This vinyl is placed on top of the car’s paint, either fully or partially. While the material is durable and flexible, it is still extremely important to properly care for it to keep it looking fresh and clean for years to come.

How to care for a car that has been wrapped

It’s actually quite simple. When your car is looking like it needs a good cleaning, soap and water will do the trick! Sticking to the basics and avoiding harsh chemicals or power washers will avoid damage and help to protect your paint job. Here are a few tips!

Use soap, water and a clean sponge or cloth

We already mentioned that it is a good idea to reach towards soap and water when washing your wrapped vehicle. Before you begin, make sure that the sponge or rag that you will be using is clean and free of any dirt or debris. A dirty sponge can actually scratch the vinyl – so please, make sure your sponge is clean ahead of time!

Avoid the automatic car wash! 

The chemicals and strong brushes and bristles will damage the vinyl on your car. While they may seem like a hassle-free cleaning method, automatic car washes will more than likely cause more harm than good, leading you to more work and money spent than before.

Wash in a cool, shaded spot

Make sure that you not only find a place that you are comfortable in to clean your car, but also a place that is out of direct sunlight. This will allow the soap to not dry out too quickly, avoiding unwanted spots on your clean paint.

Other tips to keep in mind!

  • Start at the roof, and work your way down.
  • Use a soft, non-abrasive sponge or towel.
  • Clean once, then clean again! Make sure the cleaning is thorough for the best results.   
  • Allow the car to air dry for as long as it needs – try not to speed up the process!

At Nice Tintz, we take pride in our car wraps and only use the highest quality materials. We want you to be just as happy with your cool new wrap years down the line, as you were the day you received it. This can happen if you properly take care of your vehicle by following the steps listed above. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about washing your wrapped car – we have years of experience and a lot more tips to share!

If you are located in  Memphis, Tennessee and are interested in upgrading your ride, Nice Tintz is your answer. Contact us to get started!