It’s safe to say, we are living in the time of the DIY. While taking on bigger projects is fun and cost effective, there are some instances where you should leave it to the professionals. In this case, we’re talking about window tinting. At Nice Tintz, we recommend never attempting to apply a window tint yourself for a handful of reasons. Here’s why!

Poor quality window tint

Yes, it is easy to click purchase and get a tinting kit shipped to your door. The reviews may look great, but buying online could lower the chances of receiving a kit of the highest quality. Along with the quality of the film, you are also missing out on the service and expertise of a professional upfront and when you are in need of service in the future. Chances are, the tints that you find online will only serve one purpose – and that’s looks. But, you will quickly realize that it is not protecting your car in the ways that it should be and will peel over time. At Nice Tintz, we give our customers 3 incredible tint options, all at the highest of qualities. Our tints not only make your vehicle look nice from the outside, but they protect against UV rays, reduce interior damage from outside factors and keep temperatures cool during hot weather. Quality really overrules quantity with this one, take our word for it!

No reliable service

There may be a ton of videos out there with step by step window tinting instructions, but nothing beats having a professional do the job. Our team is trained in this and has over 20 years of window tinting experience – that’s a lot of windows! We treat your vehicles with care and are always here if you have any trouble or questions in the future.

Money vs time

Saving money is always a motivating factor when it comes to those DIY projects – and yes, it’s great. However, while window tinting may seem like a simple, straight to the point task, it can take practice and multiple attempts if you have never done it before. If you are someone who has lots of time to take on projects like this, go for it! But, if you are on a time crunch, we encourage you to give it a bit of thought before tackling. Sometimes leaving it to a professional is best!

Unaware of state regulations

This is a big one. Not many people are aware of the state regulations for window tinting. If you don’t fully understand all of the restrictions in your state, we highly recommend leaving it to the professionals. Specifically, if you are located in the Memphis area, let Nice Tintz take charge – you do not want to be against the law for not meeting your window tint requirements. Windows that are too dark are considered a safety hazard and law enforcement takes this pretty seriously. There’s nothing worse than completing a project, just to have to remove it and be fined more than what you spent in the first place.

At Nice Tintz, we are happy to talk you through our window tinting process and give you more insight on our film, legal regulations, care and more. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or to get started today!